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I am a designer, frontend developer and freelance worker. Hi.

Coming from a graphic design background I soon focused on interactive media. After working on many projects for design agencies I started my own freelance business. Doing so I can now look back at 15 years of experience across disciplines, including motion and interface design as well as web development.

That‘s me. The long story.

I was born and raised in Vienna. I studied Graphic Design and started my first jobs as a Graphic Designer.

In the nineties the web wasn‘t so spectaculous when it came to interaction design, and when I found out how to make a simple roll over effect I became so excited, that I continued doing it. I started programming little things in the script language lingo (which was used to produce interactive cd rom‘s).

Then I was addicted to moving things around on the screen and I started to play around with After Effects and do my first animations. This skill helped me out later when economics in Berlin tended to be really bad, but motion designers where still payed pretty well.

For my first Web Design Job I went to Hamburg, where I stayed over a year, finally moved to Berlin and started working as a freelancer.

What I always liked about feelancing are the variety of solutions and ideas you have to come up to face the different challenges. You‘re never standing still because you‘ll always end up doing something you‘ve never done before. Web and technology change rapidly and so are you.

So I learned Lingo, PHP, Javascript, Actionscript, Html, Css, Ruby, Rails, adopted to a variety of tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects, Sketch, hundred little helpers…. And Text Mate still is my best friend.

The work.

I've been working in Team with GIVE ME A HUG the past four years. We've been developing web based products in the domain of language technology. See my latest work.

Before that I've been freelancing for several years for agencies and other clients. If you are interested you can visit my old website.